3 Key Ways to Engage Your Customers Online

Engage Your Customers

In order to draw in new customers and to achieve customer loyalty, you need to engage your customers online. While some people will do a search on their favorite search engine for a select group of keywords, others will focus on social media. From here, they can learn more about your business and determine if your company is a match for their needs.

Engage with Your Customers Through Social Media

Today, social media is vastly different from what it was even just a few years ago. During the days of MySpace, things were simple. It wasn’t until Facebook came along that people realized just how powerful social media could become. Today, many companies and celebrities are using social media as their main means of contact, over a traditional website.

With today’s social media, a person can login to their favorite account and do a search for your brand. They can then choose to follow your company, or like your page. As you post information that is interesting to them, they can like it and share it with their network. This expands the reach you have. Instead of just having an audience who knows about your brand, you reach the people they know and these individuals can begin to learn about your company. Eventually, you can reach thousands of people with engaging content and that can translate to better sales in time.

Just remember that every post you make on social media is a direct reflection of your business. With that in mind, make sure you don’t ever post anything obscene of offensive, as it might end up causing you a headache in the years to come. This also isn’t a good place for you to voice your political or religious views, unless they directly tie in your brand, as this often causes an uproar to occur.

The Power of the Site Search

Your site search should be a simple and yet powerful tool on your website. The more it can do for the consumer, the more effective it’ll become. When you place your site search on your page, think about what you want it to accomplish. Do you want it to offer auto complete to simplify things for your customers? Would you prefer to have it make recommendations with search results? The more it does to make the life of the consumer easier, the better your results will be with it.

Just keep in mind that the customer will judge your business based on the results they receive. So if your website sells wholesale candy and a person types in chocolate and you give a single result of chocolate and a hundred results of hard candy, they aren’t going to be too thrilled. Try to make tied in results logical and give the consumer mostly what they are looking for through your site search.

A Live Chat is Essential

Just like social media and a site search are important for the online engagement of your customer, having a live chat is also critical. This is the place where you and your staff interact directly with your customers. From here, you can help to better finalize a sale, or you can discourage someone to the point where they consider some of the other options they have.

It’s also a good place to boost your image and to work through the complaints that come up. When you deal with live chat, you have a direct link to the customer that allows you to really draw them in and to engage them to the point that they feel there is a kind of instant gratification with your company.  Customers will also find that this live chat lets them feel like they are dealing with a real person and it can ease a lot of their concerns when dealing with an online transaction. Just make sure you have the hours posted you man it and make sure you are there during those hours for the best results.

It is through these three items that you can successfully engage your customers online. Through engagement, you have the chance to boost sales and ultimately succeed in your online ventures. After all, the face of marketing is always changing and today, the internet through social media, site search and live chat are helping us to move towards the future.

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