Attracting the “Instant Gratification” Generation

There is little doubt that a majority of people demand to have everything right now.

With an understanding that people want instant gratification, what does this actually mean for businesses across the globe?

The answer is that they must continue to meet the mobile marketing demands of their customers if they want to succeed.

Mobile marketingOne of the approaches that can be taken for your company to move forward in the technological department is to ensure you have a website that is mobile friendly.

Most of us know that people search their internet on their phones and if your website isn’t designed for this, you will find that prospective customers will not be able to access your information. That could have a negative impact on your business.

This means that you need to ensure that you can get connect with them more effectively by allowing them to connect with you on their mobile device with mobile marketing.

The truth of the matter is that Generation Y or the Millennials are the target audience of the future.

Since they are a larger population than the Baby Boomers at more than 85 million individuals, you can understand how vital their income is going to be and how important it will be to connect with them.

By getting ahold of their discretionary spending, you can take your business to the next level, with just a little marketing.

While many companies tend to focus on what has worked in the past, the successful business will realize they need to update their marketing to work with the current trends.

Generation Y grew up with technology and understand that is an actual necessity in this day and age. This means that things like the Yellow Pages are newspapers aren’t going to be things that they tend to use. Especially since the information can be found online with instant gratification.

With this in mind, think about the following. In 2010 wireless customers downloaded 7.9 billion apps. These downloads are expected to be at least 25 billion by 2015.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you are taking the steps to get past traditional marketing and take advantage of the new high tech solutions out there.

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