How Can Local Internet Marketing Help to Get Me More Customers?

Are you looking for increased traffic to your website? Are you hoping to see more committed customers and solid sales?

You may have shelled out a pretty penny to have your website built; yet you may be seeing little to no return on that investment. Perhaps you’ve even paid an advertising company to send more traffic to your site, but because the traffic is random and not targeted, that investment too ended up going down the drain with nothing to show for it.

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Perhaps at this point you’ve come to the conclusion that online advertising isn’t worth the time or money. But don’t quit just yet. If you haven’t tried local internet marketing, you’re ignoring one of the most powerful advertising tools in your arsenal.

Advertising now

The fact is, around 97 percent of internet users will search online for a local product or service before buying. If someone needs a local painter, dog walker, or party clown, they will most likely turn to the internet for a solution.  And interestingly enough, recent studies have shown that these searchers will spend up to 40 percent more when they do decide to buy.

So if you’re spending time and money on ads in the yellow pages or the newspaper – or even if you’re shelling out for ineffective internet advertising – stop, because there’s a better way to accomplish your goals. Local internet marketing is what works now.

Try it for yourself

So maybe this all seems to make sense, but perhaps you’re still skeptical. If so, try a little experiment before reading on.

Think of a service or product you need. Maybe you need a plumber in Plymouth, or perhaps you need a carpet cleaner in Cambridge. Head on over to Google, Bing or Yahoo, and type in the service you’re looking for. Take a gander at what pops up.

There are probably four or five local results that pop up in the listing and on the map. Now think about it. If you have several excellent options in front of you, are you likely to look further? Perhaps you’ll read some online review on each service; perhaps you’ll just pick the option with the best pricing. Either way, you’ve found a solution to your problem and you’ll look no more.

Be Seen

No matter what business you offer, someone out there is searching for it. Will your website show up when they’re looking?

Quite simply, your business can be on that list when someone searches for the service you provide. With local internet marketing, you won’t be buried on the tenth page of results – or worse, not in the results at all. Instead, you’ll be right at the top where customers can find you, contact you, and contract your services.

A simple solution

Local internet marketing has taking much of the guesswork out of advertising, because it targets only the people who are looking for your service or product. Rather than the traditional means of advertising – that were scattershot at best – you’ll be investing your money in something that is sure to bring quantifiable results.

When you think it through, you’ll see that local internet marketing just makes sense. While you may opt for further marketing and advertising down the line, this is definitely the place to start, as results are all but guaranteed.

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