Is Google AdSense the Best Choice for Your Site?


If you want to offset the cost of running a website, you may choose Google AdSense as that method. However, you might not always be making the right decision, particularly if you’re a local or online business. How does Google AdSense work? It is an advertising method from Google that uses the content of your website as a place to show ads. You may publish text, do videos or have other interactive media on your site. It might even be a channel at YouTube or a blog.

Google uses target marketing to select the ads for the site and you get paid on a per-click—the number of clicks on the ad—or a per-impression—the number of people visiting your page. It’s a simple method of raising revenue that only requires you to code the site to get relevant ads. If you have a “Google my business” goal, where you bring potential customers to your page in the hope of capturing a larger market, this method of increasing revenue can often backfire.

Who is getting business?

If your business plan for your website is a “Google my business” and become my customer, you’ll be stabbing yourself in the foot by using Google AdSense for additional revenue. The potential customers you bring to your website will see the targeted ads, which use the keywords to bring people to your site and may find the ad for your competitors site far more appealing. While you’ve won the battle of getting site visitors, you ultimately lose the war for business.

Is your content strong enough to compete with expensive ads?

Before you consider using Google AdSense as an additional revenue driver, consider your content, it’s strength and appeal. Can it compete with the ads placed on it and if it can, will the visitors associate the content with the competing ads put on your site based on keywords and target marketing? While you may be pulling them onto your site, will you keep them there to buy.

Choosing to increase revenue with Google AdSense can be beneficial for some. The benefits you reap all depend on your business plan for your site and the type of product you’re promoting. For most online or brick and mortar businesses, it may bring a bit extra revenue, but not enough to offset the potential lost sales. For people who just want to raise revenue by providing excellent content, you’ll find that AdSense is a perfect fit. Online marketing specialists can help you if you’re unsure as to which path to take or whether Google AdSense is a good choice for supplemental income or a potential disaster for your site.

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