Managing Negativity on Social Networking Sites

Reputation ManagementEveryone agrees that one way to draw attention to your business is by leveraging the power of Social Networking.  Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are very popular sites and could be harboring a large sum of potential customers for your business.

In fact, social networking activities calculate to about about 15% of all internet use daily – this is HUGE.

We all know about Facebook.  Whether you have your own account or you know of someone else who does, you are well aware that this is the most popular online social networking sites today.

Facebook has more than 750 Million users – imagine how many of your local customers you could reach just by using Facebook!

So when it comes to building and maintaining your company’s reputation, this is one place to start.

Studies show that Facebook users spend quite a bit of time logged in each day socializing, sharing information, and responding to messages.

So let’s say you have an unhappy customer who posts negative information about your business on your Facebook Fan page. You can respond to any negativity that comes your way immediately if you manage your Fan page properly.

It’s a known fact that people do business with those they like and trust. So if you can tap into those zones, you can eventually build a solid reputation that can’t be touched.

To do so, your main goal should be to share valuable information with your followers on a consistent basis as well as provide special discount offers from time to time.

Maintaining your online reputation also involves heavily monitoring what is being said about your business online.  If you don’t know that something negative has been said, you have no chance of responding to it or correcting it.

How detrimental could that be for your business?

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