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With such an overwhelming percentage of the population now using smart phones and mobile devices, it is somewhat surprising that mobile marketing has received so little attention. Aside from SMS marketing, very few companies have delved further into this field.

What’s Holding the Mobile Market Back?

There are a couple aspects that have prevented mobile marketing from really taking off more:

High costs: While many consumers do use mobile devices and smart phones, there is still a large percentage that is unwilling to pay for mobile content. Many want to avoid the high costs of data plans. Multimedia handsets have become increasingly affordable, however data plans are still priced too high for many to realistically afford.

As smartphones and mobile devices become more and more affordable, and data plans are enhanced and prices become more transparent, more people will be willing to pay for mobile content. Jupiter Research estimates that within five years, over 40 percent of mobile consumers will regularly access the internet on their mobile devices.

Lack of education: Some brilliant technology has been introduced to the mobile market, yet few consumers are fully aware of how it can be used. As mobile marketers provide the appropriate education, consumers will quickly catch on to the trends.

QR codes are a great example. They were invented in Japan as a way of keeping track of manufacturing parts, and as such, consumers in Japan are fully aware of how to interact with the codes when seen on printed products. While some UK consumers understand how to use QR codes with their mobile devices, in many cases insufficient information is provided, and consumers are simply unaware of what the codes are or what they can do.

Greater education is needed as consumers learn how to fully engage with mobile media. As appropriate information is provided on a regular basis, we will begin to see the mobile market take off.

Websites that are not mobile-friendly: Many companies have yet to introduce a mobile-friendly version of their websites. Consumers will quickly get fed up with a website that is hard to use on a mobile device. As more mobile sites are introduced, the market will continue to grow.

Becoming a Market Leader

Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately for you), advertisers have been slow to react to the changing behaviors of their consumers, and thus, mobile marketing UK is still very much in its infancy. The mobile marketing industry is destined for greatness, yet, as David Schatsky, president of Jupiter Research notes, “the maturation of this industry could take a decade.”

In spite of this, Jupiter Research still expects search and display revenues to reach up to €1.3 billion this year alone! That’s no small number – and it is only expected to grow from here on out.

So what does this mean for you? Now is the time to get in on the ground floor – while the industry is developing and marketing strategies are being shaped. Think ahead today so you can become a market leader tomorrow.

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