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Google analyticsTracking the Success of Your Site Is Easier with Google Analytics

If you’re one of the many site owners who decided chose to use Google Adsense at their site, you’ll find there are many different tools available. One tool that answers the question, “Who will Google my site” is the Google Analytics tools. It offers statistics about not just the number of visitors to your website, but also where the traffic generated and even the location of the visitors. You can get an even more detailed version if you want to pay a fee, but most people use the basic service that’s free. It has more than enough information for the average site owner.

The tracking generating section tells you where the visitors found out about your site. It might have come from social media, search engines or even links at other sites. If you’re having an advertising campaign using email or a pay-per-click campaign with ads on other sites, it also tracks these, which gives you a good idea of the success of your venture.

Knowing How to Use Google Analytics

Most people just go to the Google Analytics section after they log into their account to find out how much they’ve made. Sometimes they may even look a bit at the traffic, but not really understand the information or how to use it. There’s so much more available to you when you know just how helpful this platform can be.

Look for Patterns and Trends

Start with the long-term trends to see just how successful your site is. The default for Google Analytics is always 30 days. While that can tell you just how successful your recent effort is, you don’t have anything to compare it with unless you go deeper into the site. You can use the graph available and go back six months to see if the recent trend follows old patterns or you’ve struck gold with a new marketing concept. It shows you where the traffic came from for a year or more. Using long term data helps you find specific patterns. Just like any scientific test, the more data you have, the more solid your conclusion will be, allowing you to either continue your present marketing or make changes to get better results. 

Identify What Draws People to Your Site

It’s easy to be successful if you know what people want and give them plenty of it. However, that’s often easier said than done, unless you’re using all the tools provided by Google Analytics. You not only need to know how many people decided to Google my site, but also how long do they stay and what information are they trying to find. If you find people returning frequently to a specific page or spending a great deal of time there, they’re probably reading your information or watching your video, so whatever you’re doing, it’s working. If they visit a page immediately, but leave it just as fast, you aren’t giving them what they want. Checking this type of information can help you add content that is more useful and therefore more popular.

You’ll get valuable information from digging deeper into the information provided by Google Analytics. This information helps you learn from past successes or errors. Even though you might think something is positively fascinating, that doesn’t mean it will be a popular bit of content. If you’re running a site for profit, you need to look toward the interest of customers and potential customers first. The data offered through Google Analytics can help you do that.

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