Seven reasons why mobile marketing services can help you become the market leader

You may be making all the right moves where marketing is concerned, but you just might be neglecting one major area. While folks do spend time at their computers, watching TV, or (occasionally) reading the paper, the one thing they have with them at all times is their mobile phone.

More and more folks are carrying mobile devices and smart phones, and over a third of mobile devices are connected constantly to the internet. As such, mobile marketing can be an extremely powerful and effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

Specifically, there are seven main ways mobile marketing services can boost your market standing:

SMS text messaging gets your news out quickly

Your whole contact list of past, present, and potential customers can receive instant notification of ongoing sales, events, or promotions. This service is extremely cost-effective, yet it’s a guaranteed way to put your message in front of your target audience. Since most folks carry their mobile phone with them constantly, your message is sure to be seen.

Local site listings attract attention

Sites like Yelp and Google Places have dramatically impacted the way consumers make decisions and discover services in their direct area. Peer reviews have phenomenally boosted the popularity of local businesses, as consumers are able to make an informed decision before ever walking through your doors.

If someone’s looking for a good oil change service, a cutting-edge hair dresser, specialty printing services – or whatever service you offer – all they have to do is run a quick search on their mobile phone and see what others are saying. More than ever, mobile marketing services are pushing businesses to get listed and talked about.

Mobile ads reach a wide, targeted audience

Google, as well as other services, provides the opportunity for cheap advertising that consumers will see right on their phones. This is an extremely affordable form of advertising, yet it’s very targeted, based on what a person is searching for and where they are located. Mobile ads are effective exactly because they are seen by the folks who are looking for your particular service.

QR codes attract attention and raise awareness

You’ve likely seen the little black and white boxes on various products. When a QR code is scanned with a mobile device, the consumer will be directed to a page online.  QR codes can be custom made for all kinds of purposes, so get creative and come up with some innovative ways to raise awareness of your company. You can send people to an interesting video promoting your company. You can direct people to a special “mobile only” offer. People are increasingly curious about QR codes, so capitalize on the trend.

Apps provide instant access to services and more

While apps aren’t the most affordable option, they can be a fantastic mobile marketing tool. What could an app be used for? There are nearly limitless possibilities. Many banks offer mobile banking services through their apps. Restaurants offer quick ordering through an app so your food is ready when you arrive. If you can imagine it, get out there and do it.

Mobile advertising works at consumers’ convenience

The big failing point of advertising through traditional methods is that your ad is at the mercy of its time slot. If no one’s watching when your ad is on TV, that’s just money down the drain. If no one picks up the paper, or if your billboard is poorly positioned, you may not ever hit your target audience.

When you use mobile marketing services, people can check messages or view ads at their leisure. Marketing services can send out your message at any time of the day or night, and your consumers have all the time in the world to view it.

Mobile advertising has a high response rate

Most importantly, mobile marketing provides an avenue for quick response. It’s easy for people to click an ad and check your mobile site. It’s easy for people to view QR codes and take advantage of special offers or redeem coupons on the spot. And because it’s easy, it works.

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