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Would you like a simple way to keep up all the new information posted about your industry or business? While you might think that would take a minor miracle, the fact is Google Alerts already gives you a way to do that and much more.

First, you must set up your official Google Alert, after which you will receive notifications via email each time new content is posted to the web about your topic. Alerts will include social media posts, blogs, web pages and news articles or any other type of content provided it matches the search term you provided. Have you wondered is anyone googling my business? Now you can know!

Who should use Google Alerts? Anyone who likes to stay abreast of the buzz surrounding a company, product or service. When it comes to online reputation management this is an invaluable tool. If or when bad press is posted you will be swiftly notified so you can address it.

By the same token, you will also be notified when good press hits the internet about your business. This allows you to understand where the good news is coming from and respond if you so choose. By staying on top of the positive reviews you get a unique opportunity to see what is working well in your business as well as interacting with consumers. Even in the modern internet age, new business is still built on word of mouth testimonies. Alerts are also great if you use Google Adsense.

What else will you learn with Google Alerts? You can get first-hand information and news pertaining to your particular industry. The key to this is properly targeted keywords; you want them to be specific to your product, service or business type. That way you are always up to speed on the current trends and upcoming changes that can affect your business.

How about the competition? In addition to staying on top of your company profile, you can also learn what is going on with your competitors. Gain a fantastic leg up by watching the trends for your local area and what your competition is doing to meet them, follow that up with refining your own processes and service or product lines.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to set as many keyword alerts as you would like, which means you can easily keep your ear to the ground about the industry as a whole, your competition and your own business or company. This gives you an advantage as you formulate plans to expand, grow and change to meet your customer’s needs. Google Alerts is not a new concept; it has been in place for several years and has proven very effective. Even if you are brand new to the internet world, setting up Google Alerts is fairly simple. Of course, that does not mean you should shirk the help of a professional in the field as they can give you valuable insight on properly using these and many other online marketing tools.

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