What Video Content is Your Competition Using to Engage Customers?

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Video marketing is a great way to effectively promote your products, your service, your brand name, and even yourself. A lot of budding entrepreneurs have been able to make themselves very successful in the eyes of the public thanks to working real hard at putting together consistently solid videos. Whether you are interested in crafting top-of-the-line promotional videos or not, be aware of a very important fact. Your competitors definitely are producing and releasing a host of videos. Don’t believe so? Check out their YouTube channel.

Falling Behind the Competition

“YouTube is not for me.”

“I don’t think video marketing will work.”

“Who is going to watch it?”

These are not exactly the statements a successful entrepreneur is going to make. Video marketing is of paramount importance these days. People search on the internet all the time for products and services. A well-produced, appealing video can help drive a business to new heights of success. Again, while you might not be interested in putting out a video, your competitors are. Similarly, your would-be customers end up not being interested in what you have to offer as much as they want to buy from those others presenting similar products and services.

Likely, you are not sure how to start when thinking about developing a video marketing campaign. Probably the best place to start would be the YouTube channel of anyone who is competing for your customers.

Market Research Begins the Process

Checking out what the competitors are doing is not intended as the basis of copying them. Trying to duplicate someone else’s material or style is always a bad option. Viewers are going to be enamored by an impersonation of the real thing. Instead, looking to see what a competitor is producing provides a lot of proverbial food for thought about how marketing strategies can be enacted.

Trying to craft a marketing campaign without examining what the competitor is doing wouldn’t be a prudent way to start the process. Promotional strategies have to set themselves apart. Knowing what competitors are doing helps figuring out what ground has already been covered. Also, checking out what competitors are doing let’s you see what is good and what is bad about particular promotional campaigns.

At the very least, performing some basic market research tells you what type of content is out there. A closer examination of the actual videos produced by competitors provides insights into what direction to go with your videos.

Views and Likes: Analyze Them

There are two stats that quickly reveal how successful a video marketing campaign on YouTube is going: The number of views and the number of likes/dislikes. A video with a massive amount of views is surely doing something right. If the publisher has produced a series of excellent videos time and time again, the subscriber list is surely going to increase. This means more views time and time again. Also, effective search engine optimization and social media techniques are being used to build up views and traffic.

When a video (or series of videos) is extremely popular, looking over the content is a smart move. Looking at what people are doing right provides a lot of insight.

And those likes and dislikes are important as well. A video that is garnering a huge amount of likes surely delivers on quality, entertainment, and informational value. Look over those videos that are both revered and reviled. See what works and what does not. Also, it would not hurt to read the comments underneath the video. Viewers will flesh out their sentiments about the video. What better source is there to listen to than those who actually watched the videos?

Locating a Niche

Just because there are a lot of videos, successful videos, posted on YouTube, does not mean every single market segment is covered. Marketers who chase after customers with a broad net are engaging in a smart marketing strategy. Not all strategies are perfect and the broad method does open the door to discover a niche that is not targeted.

The opportunity that is created here is not exactly difficult to figure out. Once you determine what the niche is, you can start creating videos to target that niche. Niche marketing strategies, when done successfully, do yield good results, provided the product or service has something of value to offer.

Never Copy Competitors

It most definitely is necessary to point out that you want to perform research on competitors. What you do not want to do under any circumstances is to try and copy them. Doing so is not going to lead to an innovative, original, and new marketing plan. Rather, things end up looking derivative. Instead, use your insights into the competition to come up with unique, original videos that target your own customer base.

Most importantly, get started on producing those videos right away!


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