Website Domain is Changing: Time For a Fresh Look

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So you are fed up of your boring .net website domain name after having it for so long. You actually wanted a .com domain name, but couldn’t find one for your website. Now, out of the blue, you just can’t believe your luck!

Your .com domain name is up for sale, and you just can’t let it go. Though you had paid a bit more for it, you know it’s worth it as a .com name is easier for customers to remember and rakes in more credibility to your site.

Now that your domain name is changed, you have to concentrate on moving your site to the new domain. While moving your site, why not also give your website a fresh look? After all, this is the right opportunity for you to rectify all those mistakes, broken links and changes you had always wanted to take care of on your website. This is obviously better handled by professionals like website design Gloucestershire services.

Use your new logo and theme

If you have plans of starting ecommerce memberships, you may as well use HTTPS everywhere in your new web design. It’s a good practice with enhanced speed proving beneficial to your website in more ways than one.

While you are it, give your website a new look with perhaps a new and more attractive logo and theme. After all, after using the same logo for your business, with average response, there’s no harm in trying out a different and more attractive logo. It’s quite obvious you haven’t grown tired of just your domain name.

Your theme too may look boring now when compared to the latest, more colorful and attractive themes available. Web design Gloucester will be able to share and produce some wonderful themes you can use in your new website.

Take care of all those suggestions and complaints

You may have also received some suggestions or complaints for improvement regarding your website. Now is the best time to recollect them, and make the necessary web design changes. You can perhaps change and make your website navigation much easier. Remember, not everyone is computer savvy so the easier your website is to navigate, the better customer experience you offer your visitors.

If you never had a call to action for memberships on your homepage, but now think you need one, this is the best time to include it. Just tell your website design Gloucestershire team about it and they’ll insert in such a way that it’s not so obnoxious for those following them.

Improved reading and website performance

If your website font was boring aerial all this while, this is the time to change to perhaps more traditional sans-serif font like Gotham Narrow. Not only is it more readable, it also gives a more serious look and approach to your business.

Everyone learns through experience and mistakes. One thing you will never know until the website starts running is its performance. Yes, you can work at improving the performance and speed of your website while giving it a new and fresh look.

Cut down on images as they take a long time to download. If possible, add images only in posts as they increase the readership and traffic to your post. Instead of using icon fonts, it’s better using SVG. There are so many more plugins you can now include to your website to increase the readability and traffic to your website.

So now you see, instead of just changing your domain name, you can create and give your website a completely new look and challenge the many other websites out there. Web design Gloucester will be able to give you all the information, tips, guidance and elements to create a website well worth your money. Give your site a new look, and the internet world a new website to reckon with!

Website design Gloucestershire services is an expert and authority at both designing and redesigning websites to give your website a new look. So if you are changing domain names, just click here for help and guidance in giving your website a fresh look too!

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