Why Good Web Design and Marketing are Essential to Your Online Success

The world is rapidly becoming more and more an online community. Nearly everything, from goods to services, can be purchased or located online. It has become routine for many people to turn to the internet for making a purchase, locating or researching a product, or even getting directions or contact information.

Because of this, a website is now often a company’s primary face to the world. An organization may offer an outstanding product or service, but without an appealing website and strong web presence, a business can quickly fade into obscurity.

A strong web presence not only shows people who you are and what you do; it’s also a way of connecting with your audience and building their trust and confidence in you. In fact, on many occasions, your website may be what forms a visitor’s entire perception of you, your goals and your values. To be frank, the value of good website design and marketing simply cannot be overstated.

Marketing yourself – Be seen!

When someone runs a search online, they’re looking for immediate solutions. A Google search can turn up anywhere from thousands to billions of “hits”; however, most folks are unlikely to dig through page after page looking for results.

So what does that mean for you? Simply this: If your website is buried pages deep, your online success will be stymied.

For this reason, an effective marketing and SEO strategy are vital. Nearly 70 percent of a website’s traffic comes through search engine results. SEO will help to increase your site’s search ranking, effectively marketing you to your target audience.

With a targeted SEO marketing strategy, you can ensure your visibility to the people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re offering, thus ensuring your online success.

Marketing just makes sense – but who cares about design?

You may be surprised to find that design means a lot more than making your website “pretty.” In fact, design is so important that it can ultimately make or break a website. From color schemes to usability and page structure, web design is a science, and a little intuitive design can go a long way toward making you look professional, credible, and appealing to your visitors.

The fact is, a professional designer has the experience and training necessary to understand the important factors that make up an effective website. Far from just presenting a “pretty picture”, a professional designer provides a keen insight into factors like usability, navigation, and functionality that an amateur simply lacks.

You may think that you can skimp in this area and save money. Think again. While you may save a little now, you may be striking a huge blow to your potential success.

Web design and marketing – a two-pronged approach

As with many things in life, a successful website is the result of multiple ingredients. When you combine attractive, well-planned web design with a targeted SEO strategy, you’re setting yourself well on the way to online success.

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