Why Google Search Engine Optimization is a Must for Local Businesses

When you’re looking for a great new restaurant, a nearby mechanic, or someone to fix your furnace, where do you turn? If you’re like most folks these days, you probably run a quick Google search. From there, you most likely pick something off the first page, and usually one of the first three or four results.

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Now turn that around. What is it that you offer to your city, county, or community? What are you trying to sell? When people search for the product or service you offer, does your business show up?

You may have a great website, but that doesn’t guarantee your visibility when potential customers are searching online. That’s why Google search engine optimization is an absolute must for local businesses. With local SEO, you’re seen, and when you’re seen, you sell. It’s that simple.

Rethinking Advertising

How are you marketing your business? Are you still advertising the way you did 10 years ago? While billboards, flyers, and TV ads still work, negligence of your website and web presence will ultimately spell disaster for your company.

Gone are the days of Yellow Pages. As we’ve said, the modern world revolves around the internet. When people want something, they search for it online. For this reason, Google search engine optimization should be your prime advertising tool.

Getting your Business on the Map

When you run a Google search for a service or product, you’ve likely seen a map with pinpointed locations. If you see two or three locations nearby offering what you’re looking for, you’re unlikely to search much further.

Again, turn this around. When you search for your service, does it show up on the map? Can people find you quickly and easily when they’re looking to buy your products? Local SEO is about making your business visible, and putting relevant information out there so that customers are directed to you.

Will Local SEO Work for You?

It hardly matters what business or industry you’re in. From doctors and lawyers to plumbers and handymen, from hair salons and day spas to local tourist attractions, just about everyone wants more customers.

That’s what local SEO is all about. It’s about extending your reach to the vast majority of your community that has yet to hear, see, or experience what you have to offer. It’s about being the local authority in your given field – the go-to business when someone’s looking for your service.

The fact is, SEO results will vary. No one can guarantee top Google rankings or promise a miraculous increase in business. Much of SEO success hinges on the level of competition present in a given field. However, an investment in a focused, sustained local SEO campaign is never wasted. With a solid strategy and a good SEO team backing you up, you will see results.

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