Will I Get More Business Using SMS Marketing UK?

Marketing and advertising can be a hefty investment for any business. Because of that, many small businesses simply don’t have the means to market themselves effectively.

But there is a marketing option that companies of any size can afford: SMS marketing UK. SMS marketing is such a fantastic option because it can work both independently of other marketing efforts and in conjunction with current marketing campaigns. It is affordable, flexible, and extremely effective.

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What is SMS Marketing?

In brief, SMS marketing is sending out advertising in the form of text messages. It can be used to advertise ongoing promotions, offer coupons or special sales, or simply attract attention to your service or product.

It’s a great way to get a message out quickly and inexpensively, as text messaging costs next to nothing and can be done with the click of a button. It allows retailers to reach a broad audience in an instant, yet puts the advertisement in the hands of the customer to be viewed at their leisure.

Why SMS marketing works

1. Your customers always have their phones with them. That means you can reach them no matter where they are.

2. SMS is highly targeted. You can send your ad only to the customers you want to receive it.

3. Text messages are easily produced; after all, it’s pure text – no graphics or fancy design. That means an ad can be put together and sent out in under an hour!

4. It doesn’t waste your customers’ time with useless filler, but gets right to the point with a message that is short, direct, and a clear call to action.

5. Text messages have a huge view rate, with over 90% of SMS messages being opened and read within 15 minutes.

6. SMS advertising is hugely effective, with a redemption rate of up to 70%.

7. Finally, as we’ve said, it’s cheap as chips. You can send out a text message for only 1-2% of the cost of direct mailing.

How to bring in business with SMS marketing UK

SMS marketing is quick, cheap and easy, but that doesn’t mean you should fire off messages without a little planning. With only 160 characters to work with, you’ll need to put together a message that is a succinct, yet effective sales pitch.

For starters, you have to catch your customers’ attention. Your message has to have a “hook” – something interesting that is offered right off the bat.

Next, you’ve got to have a call to action. What is it that you’re advertising? What do you want your customers to do? Do you want feedback? Do you want them to use a certain coupon? Do you want them to like you on Facebook? Target one specific action and offer something worthwhile in exchange.

Finally, kick up the urgency a notch. If you leave the time limit open-ended, people will forget about your message. However, if you include an offer “for the first 50 customers” or “in the next hour” you’re upping your response chances significantly.

Of course, you should always give your customers the chance to opt out of your mailing list. Nothing will chase customers away faster than annoying them, so give them the freedom to unsubscribe if they desire.

Cashing in on SMS

So obviously, SMS marketing is not only easy and cheap, but highly effective. Companies of all sizes are jumping on the bandwagon, and seeing phenomenal success. So, why not you?

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